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Global and European trends in energy provide the Croatian economy with a series of challenges on one hand, and a series of development possibilities on the other. Taking into consideration the existing resources in the Republic of Croatia, there exists a great development potential for investing in projects of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Upon having joined the European Union, Croatia was met with a great number of possibilities for financing projects from the public and private sector through the structural and investment funds of the EU. The amount of financial assets from the structural and the Cohesion fund intended for the Republic of Croatia in the financial period from 2014.-2020. is approximately 8 billion EUR, which presents a great opportunity for the public and the private sectors. A series of possibilities for financing various projects is also offered by the programs and EU tenders, co-financed from the Republic of Croatia national budget.

In total, the financial assets for mounting investments are substantial, however the use of the said assets calls for certain knowledge and expertise, as well as information on the investment possibilities offered.

This is the reason for the creation of the Energy investment forum (EIF), as an instrument for encouraging energy investments by connecting the needs of the public and private sectors in the realization of energy projects. Creating the said network and including all key stakeholders shall create an important resource of the necessary information for the identification of the investment possibilities as well as faster and more efficient realization of the set goals for the sustainable economic growth through the implementation of „green investments“. Such investment projects aim to attract investors through their savings, to contribute to an ecologically sustainable development and finally, to lessen the foreign trade deficit by diminishing the import of energy. This explains that the role of energy efficiency in the investment policy of Croatian state institutions, local self-government units as well as business subjects shall grow ever more important in the future. Investing in energy projects presents an important generator of future economic growth as well as big potential for the creation of new jobs. The projects of energy efficiency and the financial frames of their encouragement that have been created by the European and national institutions are becoming multipliers of own investment assets which additionally contributes to strengthening of the economy.

„Green economy“ is the basis of new economic movements of the European Union as well as other developed countries and there is a need to strengthen the existing resources and encourage new investment into energy projects through mutual networking of all stakeholders in the Republic of Croatia and the region.