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Regional investment forum

The purpose of the Regional investment forum (Regional EIF) is to identify the investment possibilities and initiate additional investing by the public and private sectors in energy efficiency projects in the Southeast Europe.

The Regional EIF works through networking the Energy investment forums (EIF) in partner countries of the TRACE (Transnational cooperation for the improvement of buildings energy performance and efficiency) project. EIFs allow for creating mutual business cooperation through various forms of partnership with local self-government, financial institutions, ESCO and other potential investors and business partners included in the implementation of investment projects in the area of energy efficiency.

The regional EIF is also focused on the financial instrument JESSICA which is intended for investment projects for energy efficient development of cities, regional operative programs and other modern financial instruments and techniques that enable sustainable energy investments.

The Regional EIF connects five energy investment forums that are active in Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia.

The project TRACE partners included in the Regional EIF are:

  • Provincija MantovaProvince of Mantova
  • Grad PiraeusThe city of Piraeus
  • Provincija PerugiaProvince of Perugia
  • Grad GabrovoThe city of Gabrovo
  • Grad ZagrebThe city of Zagreb

More information on the project TRACE and the EIF is available at:

TRACE project website: